New Horrific Details Emerge About A.J. Freund's Life and Murder

A.J. Freund’s life was ended far too soon. Authorities now say A.J. was murdered by his parents after the little boy didn’t tell the truth about a pair of soiled underwear. The 5-year-old Crystal Lake boy was forced to take a cold shower as punishment, a search warrant filed by the McHenry County Sheriff’s office said. After about 20 minutes in the freezing water, Freund Sr. removed his young son from the shower and put him to bed “cold, wet and naked,” police said Freund Sr. told them.

These heartbreaking details have recently become public, along with photos of the horrible conditions A.J. and his brother were forced to live in.

A public visitation was held for mourners to pay their respects to A.J. on Friday.



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