Spay Day For Penelope The Pig ( Lisa's Potbelly )


There is no such thing as a "mini pig" or "teacup pig"

When people realize they've been duped by that lie, many just dump their pigs.

When you see really small pigs it's because they're very, very young.

My pig Penelope was one of the many pigs discarded every day by people who saw a video, thought they were cute and ordered one online. You'll soon realize that there is truth to the term "Pig Headed" and that there is little you can do to keep them away from food. A cupboard door is like opening up a cracker box for a hungry pig.

Penelope has frostbite from the time she spent in a snow bank when someone dumped her in Aurora on a cold February day. She is loved and cared for but her fate could've been much worse.

Today she gets fixed/spayed. We're doing our part to stop the breeding of animals that end up unwanted.

She was surrounded by love by me and the staff at Indian Prairie Animal Hospital before her surgery today. I'll let you know how quickly she recovers.

Please reach out if you're ever tempted to buy a pig because I know of so many that need homes...


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