Would You Pay $50 for This Fancy Chicago Hot Dog?

If you like the finer things in life, and you never have to worry about your budget, this is for you! As for me... I'll stick with the CLASSIC Chicago Style Hot Dog, and I prefer to pay as little as possible! But to each his own!

The Omni Hotel has introduced a fancy pants version of the Chicago Style Dog that they're selling for a whopping $50! It's called "For the W" and features a wild wagyu beef wiener with some interesting toppings:

-Foie gras mousse
-Shaved black truffles
-12 day-fermented garlic turned into a black garlic aioli
-Shaved wagyu beef
-Microgreens grown hydroponically in-house
-Whiskey-caramalized onions
-"Fleur de sel," aka fancy French sea salt

The dish also comes with a french fries and a complimentary cocktail. Which I guess helps swallow that price tag a little bit? Not really. Again, I'll take a Miller Lite and head over to Portillo's!



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