Boy With Rare Disease Gets His Dream Bedroom!

Much to his surprise, little Brayden Deno got a new Toy Story-themed bedroom. The 4-year-old has a rare form of spinal muscular atrophy, which weakens his muscle strength and causes his muscles to deteriorate.

A Room to Heal stepped in to help the family. The Binghamton, New York-based non-profit when it heard about Deno's condition. Their goal is to create uplifting spaces at home to help children heal, and fight their battles. Brayden's condition made it impossible for him to reach his bedroom on the second floor of the family's home. So the organization sent the family's dining room into another dimension, transforming it into a "Toy Story" themed bedroom to give Brayden the inspiration and boost he needs!

His reaction says it all: "I think it's... AMAZING!"



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