Dennis Rodman Accused of Stealing Yoga Clothes: He Denies It

Dennis Rodman Accused In Clothing Heist

May 10, 2019

  • Dennis Rodman and his friends went to VIBES Hot Yoga in Newport Beach.
  • They're seen on video stealing clothes and breaking a $25 hundred-dollar crystal art piece.
  • The group didn’t pay up, so the owner went to the cops.
  • Source:TMZ
The Full Story:

You’d think a friend of the President wouldn’t steal. But that’s exactly what Dennis Rodman is being accused of. According to TMZ, who has video, Rodman appears to seen at VIBES Hot Yoga in Newport Beach, California with two women and a man. 

The clip, which is reportedly from earlier this week, the NBA Hall of Famer allegedly distracted the employees while one of the women stuffed a shirt into her purse. Then the man grabs a $25-hundred dollar crystal art piece from the front desk and tried to place it on a steel dolly because he allegedly wanted to buy it. Unfortunately, he dropped it and it broke. While the staff was distracted again, the woman grabbed another item of clothing and put it in her purse. 

When Rodman and company finally left the store, they’d snatched more than $5-hundred dollars worth of clothing in addition to the shattering the crystal piece. The owner said that they not only refused to pay, Dennis actually blamed the staff for the broken crystal. The owner had no choice but to go to the police and file a theft report. 

  • ONE MORE THING! The VIBES employees say that Dennis and his whole crew reeked of liquor. That could be a big problem for Rodman as he’s still on probation from a January 2018 drunk driving incident.


Dennis denies it. Check out his story in the link below....



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