Orange Theory Workout At Wrigley Field For ALS!

Who's ready for such a great workout for such a great cause?!

You can buy your tickets HERE.

Alright squad we're finally in the homestretch leading up to the#worldslargestworkout!
We've been blowing your feeds up for weeks with news regarding this major event. With only 7 days until showtime we just wanted to thank all of you for not only supporting us in this initiative, but@augiesquestas well.
Whether you've purchased a ticket to the event (still a few left don't snooze) or shared one of our posts..thank you. While crushing the#guinessworldrecordfor the WLW seems like an awesome achievement, what's more important is the amount of awareness you've all helped raise for ALS!
Remember that life is always bigger than us all, so while we're here its important that we do what we can to make life better for everyone around us!
We can't wait to rock it with you all next week!



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