Chicago Parents Are Using Rideshare Apps to Transport Their Kids Alone

I'll start this off by saying that thankfully the two children involved in this incident were not physically harmed. But I hope this serves as a huge wake-up call for parents all over Chicagoland!

You've probably told your children a million times to never get into a car with a stranger. I know my mom did! But now, Chicago parents are using ride share apps like Uber and Lyft to transport their children around the city.

A scary incident took place this week where a boy and a girl were picked up by a Lyft that was called for them. They were supposed to be dropped at their elementary schools. There was some sort of confusion between the kids and the driver, and both children fled from the car. Police are investigating the incident.

I can't imagine how difficult it can be for parents to schedule driving their kids from school to soccer practice and doctors appointments and everything in between. But sending them alone in a car with strangers?! There's got to be a better way!



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