Mother Tested Positive for Opiates While in Labor After Eating a Bagel

This is a good head's up for all pregnant women! If you're getting close to your due date, it's probably best to steer clear of anything with poppy seeds. Why?

Well, it turns out it only takes a teaspoon of poppy seeds to test positive for opiates!

A New York woman was accused of taking opiates while pregnant, and it caused an unbelievable nightmare for her family. Elizabeth Dominguez said after she gave birth she was sent home from the hospital without her infant son, Carter, who was being monitored for symptoms of opiate withdrawal. Her husband, Mark, found a story on of a mom in Maryland who tested positive for opiates after eating an everything bagel. He put things together, realizing that Elizabeth had eaten a bagel covered in poppy seeds before going into labor!



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