Jason Aldean's Mini Me Joins His Dad Onstage

Jason Aldean's son Memphis may not even be 2 years old yet (he'll hit that birthday in December), but the little guy has already seen quite a bit of the country while tagging along on tour with his dad. However, Memphis apparently has never seen his father play live.

That changed Saturday night in Oklahoma, when Aldean brought his pride and joy out on stage and announced to the crowd that it was his very first show.

"Usually he's in bed by the time we're playing," explained Dad in a fan-posted video (watch above), after introducing the little boy to the roaring crowd. He offered Memphis the mic, asking, "You having fun?" Much to the audience's amusement, Memphis looked perplexed and refused to answer, so Aldean gently lifted off one of the boy's headphones and repeated his question.

Nope, still no comment from Memphis! Aldean then asked,"Want to say hello?" He waved one of the child's hands while the audience shouted his name.

Memphis was really having none of that, and returned the greetings with an adorable scowl."It's past his bedtime,"joked Aldean, sending the tyke toddling back to his mom, who was waiting at the side of the stage.

Jennifer caught the best video, click on the link to her IG to see it...



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