Julianna Zobrist Breaks Her Silence On Divorce With Ben

Cubs utility man Ben Zobrist and his wife Julianna recently filed for divorce and for the first time we're hearing from Julianna.

Hi. I am still here. Somewhat in the mire, but I am still here. Over these last two weeks I have watched so many of you quietly enter the marshland with me. I can see you, sitting beside me, waist deep in the water and bog. I can feel you, in a silence like art, honoring the most intimate spaces of our pain and heartbreak without shame. I can hear you saying, Let me carry some of that for you.
Thank you for stepping forward and not back. Thank you for not shutting your eyes. Thank you for holding my heart within yours, even while you do not yet understand exactly what you are holding. Someday I will share my story with you…but not today. Today we breathe in deeply the fragrance of the rushes and reeds, and then, I might need your delicate reminder to breathe out again. Maybe tomorrow we will look up and notice the marsh wren and smile at her song. Maybe the day after that we will laugh at the skittish harvest mouse. But not today.
Today we Be. Today we softly whisper, “btw, you are Loved.”



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