Baby Born in Front Seat of Car, While Siblings in the Backseat Record It!

Here's a tip for this dad... When mom says the baby is coming out, BELIEVE HER! She knows!

A family in Nevada was in shock when the mom gave birth to the family's newest baby in the front seat of their car... With the older three siblings in the backseat! Rudia Napier of Nevada went into labor while on her way to a checkup on May 24. Her two daughters were in theĀ backseat of the car, and very upset by the commotion. As Rudia was birthing her new baby, she was also doing her best to calm the siblings, letting them know what was happening and that everything would be okay. Their 10-year-old son was calm as a cucumber and recording the whole thing! Rudia managed to deliver her baby all on her own, while her husband never even pulled over! The now-viral video has been seen millions of times.



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