Meteorologist Slams Viewers Over "The Bachelorette" Interruption

It's springtime, and that means severe storms and tornados around the midwest. Which means that sometimes TV shows get interrupted for live weather reports, to help keep people safe.

A weatherman lashed out at viewers on live TV after fans of “The Bachelorette” posted complaints on social media that Monday night’s episode was interrupted by emergency coverage of tornadoes in the Ohio area. “This is a dangerous situation, OK!" meteorologist Jamie Simpson said as he delivered the weather warnings. "I’m done with you people, I really am. This is pathetic." The meteorologist said the whining started nearly immediately online after the station cut in with live coverage.

He later apologized, but I don't think he should have! We need this information to stay safe! I can't believe we live in a world where people value reality TV over the safety of their neighbors... What is this world coming to?! Sorry NOT SORRY!



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