White Sox Employee Beats My Worst First Pitch!

A few years ago I had the honor of throwing the ceremonial first pitch before a White Sox game.

The Dancin' Farmer (husband now, fiance then) spent hours preparing me and reminding me "Don't forget to release the ball or it will hit the dirt"

It didn't help that my buddy and former MLB'er Ron Kittle was the last person I saw before I walked out on the field and he said don't "%#$ up"

There was no chance Chris Sale was going to catch the ball because I choked, it hit the dirt and dribbled across the plate!

I had been warned, don't release the ball too late. I had never been so nervous, did they know I was a Cub's fan? Do my shoes look stupid? Why is the crowd so loud? All of that crap in my head led to a late release on my pitch...ugghhhh!

When I returned to my seats, my son, fiance and best buddy had all left to get a beverage. They were embarrassed to even be seen with me...it makes me laugh to this day!

To the yet to be identified, White Sox Employee of the Month: You will look back and laugh but it will take a long time. Oh, don't waste time trying to erase it from social media, I tried. It doesn't work.




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