Woman Gets Her Wedding Dress Back, 30 Years Later!

Two best friends had no idea they had each been given something of the other's... For thirty years!

Christine Besso and her husband have been married for 30 years. After their big day, Christine had her wedding dress stored in a box. Recently, she decided to open the box and take a peek at her gown. She was shocked to discover that for all these years someone else's dress was in the box!

"My dress was all lace and this was a different fabric," Besso said." She turned to social media, and the #FindChristinesDress campaign was launched.

When Lisa Donnelly Denton got wind of the campaign, she decided to check her own wedding dress box. Denton and Besso were friends, and even in each others' weddings. Turns out, at some point their dresses got switched!



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