Airbnb Renters Trashed This House and Stole from the Owner

What a nightmare! Charlie Brem was going out of town and decided to rent his Arizona home to someone on Airbnb while he traveled. He ended up thousands of miles away, watching helplessly as they trashed his home and stole his belongings!

Brem was in Boston when he received a message from his neighbor informing him of a party at his home. That's when he logged into his security system to see what exactly was going on. Brem was shocked to see dozens of people at his home, drinking his liquor and having a party! He messaged the renters and asked what was happening. They denied they were having a party. Brem called the police, but unfortunately since he was all the way in Boston he couldn't prove to them that he was the homeowner. There wasn't much they could do... They issued a citation to the renters, but that's it.

Hours later, Brem watched helplessly as the renters left his home with their arms full of his belongings... Clothes, alcohol, and much more.



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