Bruno Lived In A Cage for 10 Years Until PAWSChicago Rescued Him

PAWSChicago volunteers returned from Oklahoma last week after "clearing the shelters" to make room for animals displaced by floods and tornados.

Among the many they saved was Bruno. He lived almost his whole life in an outdoor cage, sleeping in a garbage barrel. His hind legs are weak and he could barely stand. Bruno was dropped at an Oklahoma shelter in 2009 with his litter mate. They were adopted, then quickly returned for "not being good watch dogs".

Then after 9 years his litter mate passed away so he's been all alone. PAWSChicago volunteers couldn't bear to leave him behind. He's now in Chicago at the PAWS medical center and he needs a home.

There are so many cases like this and PAWSChicago does everything they can do with limited funds.

If you can't adopt Bruno maybe you can help in other ways. Volunteering, fostering or donating helps to continue the mission.

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