Police Officer Bonds With Toddler Who Nearly Drowned

A swim safety expert is offering life-saving tips to parents after a 3-year-old girl almost drowned in her community pool before being rescued by her big sister, then brought back to life thanks to CPR from a police officer.

Jayla and Kayli Dallis were at the pool in their Atlanta apartment complex when Kayli jumped into the water with a floating tube around her waist. She toppled over and slipped out of the tube, and she was submerged in the water for two minutes. Jayla, 10, suddenly noticed her sister and sprang into action, jumping in the pool to grab her sister.

Witnesses called 911 and began to administer CPR until Officer Lyons arrived to help. The officer continued with CPR until Jayla finally took a breath! She spent two weeks in the hospital after the horrific ordeal, but she is expected to make a full recovery.

With summer just a couple weeks away, let Jayla's story remind you to be vigilant about water safety with your kids!



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