Niles Police Officer Gives His Shoes to Homeless Man

This local story will warm your heart! A Niles police officer has gone vial after giving a homeless man the shoes off his feet when he noticed the man struggling to walk in his own badly worn shoes.

They shared this incredible photo on their Facebook page with the following caption:

"On 6/8/2019 at 5:15 p.m. Officer Brian Zagorski encountered a homeless man in the 8100 block of Park street. The Officer noticed the man had tripped over his shoe because it was missing the bottom. The Officer engaged the man in conversation and after a brief discussion the Officer gave the man the shoes off his own feet. The Officer also offered a Bag of H.O.P.E., but the man politely declined. The man, stated he couldn't believe the Officer gave up his shoes. The Officer offered the man other assistance but he politely declined and left on a new pair of shoes."



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