E-Scooters Are Coming to Chicago

I want to get your thoughts on this...

E-scooters are making their big debut in Chicago this weekend. The system works much like the popular Divvy bikes. However, these smart scooters are programmed to obey certain rules. For example, they're not yet allowed downtown. If a rider attempts to take a scooter out of the designated safe-to-ride zone, the scooter with shut down! That's pretty cool technology.

They're only supposed to be driven in the street and in bike lanes and not on the sidewalks. However, there's not fancy technology keeping them off the sidewalks which could be dangerous for pedestrians. I often see tourists riding Divvy bikes along crowded sidewalks, even on Michigan Avenue and the riverwalk! So I imagine a lot of people will take these scooters there as well.

Now keep in mind this is a trial period, and if the program doesn't seem to be successful the city has the right to end the program and kick e-scooters to the curb, so to speak.

So what do you think? Are you looking forward to having another transportation option in Chicago? Or is the city better off without e-scooters?



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