Baby Names: Now You Can Pay For A "NameStorming" Session

I would file this under

"Weird News"

I know deciding on a name for your child takes a lot of thought but it's certainly not the hardest decision you'll be faced with as a parent...this seems crazy to me but maybe it'll work for others.


Company Will Help Name Your Baby For A Price -If you don’t want the chore of coming up with a perfect name for your baby… there’s a company for that.

Future Perfect is a start up that will be happy, for a fee starting at $100, to help you find a unique name for your newborn. "The Riff" package includes a 15-minute "namestorming" session via phone, while the$350 "The Works" packagefeatures a 15-minute consultation that leads to a list of 10 suggested first names and 10 suggested middle names for the baby.

The start up was founded by two moms who bonded over their kids’ unique names. The website gives a strong reason to use them. "Unlike the subjective opinions friends and family members might give you, our advice will be neutral, unbiased, and tailored to your needs.



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