6 Awesome Features of the New CTA Train Cars You'll Love

We're lucky to live in a city with convenient public transportation. However, there are a lot of improvements to be made to the CTA! But the good news is that they've heard our complaints, and they're working on solutions as we speak.

Over the next ten years, the CTA will roll out more than 800 flashy new train cars. In addition to being clean and smell-free (at least for now...) these cars have six awesome features that Chicagoans can really get excited about!

  1. New ergonomic seats
  2. More legroom
  3. LCD screens showing surveillance video of fellow riders in real-time, meant to help deter crime
  4. Chairs will attach to the side of the train, not the floor, to help make the cars easier to sweep and keep clean
  5. Better air circulation, better air conditioning, better heating
  6. Lasers that track the number of passengers on a car, so schedules can be adjusted to better serve heavily crowded lines



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