Couple Tied the Knot in Hospice Facility

ATTENTION all brides! There are a few lessons you could learn from this couple when it comes to planning your special day.

I know many brides who put SO MUCH time and energy and worry and money into planning their "perfect" wedding day. But here's the thing... At the end of the day, the only things that matter are committing to your partner, and celebrating your love with friends and family. The rest is all just extra! Take it from this bride and groom who's day definitely wasn't their "dream" wedding, but it was perfect all the same!

Sky Howard says she and her fiance, Clay Cameron, were saddened to hear that his granny's health was on the decline. That's why they chose to plan a big surprise for her, and get married in her hospice room. The couple invited family to witness the event with them. Sky asked a friend to officiate the ceremony, and Sky and Clay were able to have their wedding with Granny by their sides.



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