You've Probably Seen It... The Most Expensive Home in the US is For Sale!

Now some of you out there definitely won't recognize this mansion.

But for those of us of a certain age, we know it all too well!

The most expensive house in the entire country is on the market, and it's the mansion that was featured on the classic sitcom “Beverly Hillbillies" ... And the price just dropped by $50 million!

At a whopping $195 million, it's still too rich for my blood, or for anyone I know. The Chartwell Estate features a tennis court, a 12,000-bottle wine cellar and a 40-car garage. It also boasts 11 rooms and 18 bathrooms, and offers panoramic views of Los Angeles and the Pacific Ocean on a clear day. It's been on the market for nearly two years without so much as a nibble, so who knows? Maybe they'll entertain some low-ball offers?! Let's all pitch in and get it!



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