Dad Designs Special Crawling Helper for Son With Spina Bifida

Brody Moreland is like any other toddler you might know: he loves to play, laugh, and chase the family cat! But Brody was born with spina bifida, so some physical activities are difficult for him. Notice I said different, but not impossible, thanks to an ingenious idea from his dad!

For example, despite being paralyzed paralyzed from the waist down, Brody can still crawl all around the house!

At first, he was having a tough time learning to crawl. His dad, Taylor, stepped in and invented a cool new way for Brody to get around. Called "The Frog," Taylor Moreland's invention lets Brody propel himself with his arms and just like all 2-year-olds, get into plenty of mischief!

The Morelands now make the devices for other kids, too!



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