Camp Helps Children of Fallen Soldiers

"They took the dark part of my life and turned it into light."

That's all I need to hear!

There are thousands of different kinds of "themed" summer camps out there. From sports to acting and drama, and everything in between, there's a camp out there for every kid you can imagine.

And now, there's a really special summer camp with a very unique goal of helping the children of fallen soldiers.

A Soldier's Child Foundation is a camp for kids who lost a parent in the military. Lorimar Cintron was a former camper and is now a mentor. She says the summer camp helped her through a hard time in her life and she wants to pass that support on. She wears the Army tags of her father, who died during an attack in Iraq. Campers say A Soldier's Child Foundation is a special place to be with other people who have experienced the same heartache.



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