5-Year-Old Evansville Boy Rescued from Storm Drain

The Fourth of July is supposed to be a day of celebration. But for one family in Evansville, Indiana, it was a nightmare that could have ended in tragedy. Fortunately, thanks to some quick-thinking firefighters, this story has a happy ending!

Firefighters are explaining how they rescued a boy who fell 30 feet down a 15-inch-wide storm drain during a Fourth of July fireworks show. Leo Hassebrock, 5, spent an hour and a half in the storm drain before firefighters in Evansville were able to pull him to safety. Rescuers used a seat from a swing set to help save little Leo. “I just came up with the idea, if we could get something between his legs and yank him up that way, he's not gonna fall over,” firefighter Lucas Macke said.



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