More Sightings of the Humboldt Park Lagoon Gator!

Did you know loud noises can frighten off an alligator? It's true! Just ask the Chicago police who have roped off a wide perimeter around the Humboldt Park lagoon in an effort to keep curious onlookers far enough away from the water so the environment stays quiet. All this is in hopes of capturing the four-foot-long alligator spotted this week in the lagoon.

Despite many sightings of the gator today, officials had no luck capturing him/her. Bait traps are set up around the lagoon, but so far they've only been nibbled by local turtles.

The alligator was possibly dumped in the lagoon by a pet owner. A local alligator expert known as Alligator Bob says the reptile could grow to be 10-12 feet long, and could live between 70 and 80 years. It's imperative that the gator be captured and removed from the lagoon.



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