This Girl Celebrated Being Cancer Free in a Heartwarming Way

This little angel is only eight years old, but she's already wise beyond her years!

Zoe Figueroa recently celebrated her 8th birthday, along with another huge milestone. After a long and grueling battle, she is finally cancer-free!. She was diagnosed with stage 4 neuroblastoma in 2018, and it took seven rounds of chemotherapy to remove a tumor that ran from her chest to her pelvis. To celebrate her remission, Zoe's parents Sheena and Freddie Figueroa decided to throw Zoe an "end of treatment" party in San Diego, California.

Even though Zoe is in remission, she couldn't forget about all the friends she made while going through treatment, many of whom are still in treatment. Zoe donated her birthday presents to them. What an incredible kid!



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