Toddler Rescued After Drifting Out at Michigan City Beach

It's an absolute miracle this baby is still alive... How many toddlers do you know that could have stayed calm and stayed on the raft during this experience?

The horrifying incident happened over the weekend at a beach near Michigan City, Indiana. According to witnesses, a mother was playing in the water with her two young sons and that giant inflatable duck raft you can see in the video. One of the boys fell off, and the mother grabbed him and pulled him out of the water. While she rescued the first boy, a massive gust of wind suddenly blew the duck away from her, taking her other son with it. Bystanders say the mother swam as fast and hard as she could, but strong winds continued to push the duck further out and away from her reach.

Those back on the beach were witnessing the terrifying moments. Some ran to the lifeguard stand, others tried to get the attention of nearby boaters for help. One man jumped on his paddle board and headed out for a rescue. The duck eventually filled over in the wind, tossing the toddler into the water. Fortunately, his mother had him wearing floaties, and he was able to keep his head above water until help arrived.



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