Woman Gets Attacked While Taking Her Trash Out to the Curb

Police are asking the public for help identifying the attackers in this random and brutally violent incident. A Stockton, California, homeowner was attacked by a mob in her own driveway. The entire attack was captured by her home surveillance camera. Erin and her husband were taking the garbage out on Sunday night when a couple of women began fighting in their driveway. They asked the strangers to leave their property, and suddenly found themselves under attack. Erin was punched, kicked and stomped on. When her husband, Joe, tried to save her, the assailants turned on him too. When the beating finally let up, the husband tended to his stricken wife. Cops are asking for help identifying the attackers in the video. Hopefully by spreading this video far and wide on social media, someone out there will recognize this group!



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