WATCH: Officer Tasers 65-Year-Old Resisting Arrest Over Taillight

From a broken taillight to assaulting and officer and resisting arrest... Man this situation escalated FAST!

This crazy situation started as a routine traffic stop outside Oklahoma City. However, it escalated out of control all because the 65-year-old woman at the wheel refused to sign an $80 ticket for having a broken tail light. Debra Hamil tells the officer in an exchange captured on bodycam footage she didn’t want to sign. The cop asks her to step out of the car and tells her she is under arrest. She refuses, and eventually drives off!

You can guess what's coming next... The officer gets back in his car and chases her down. Eventually she stops the car, but again refuses to get out. He pulls her out and to the ground, while she kicks him. The situation finally got under control after the officer used his taser gun on her.



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