Michigan Man Only Get Probation for Poisoning His Wife

This recent court case in Michigan is making headlines all around the country and firing people up. Brian Kozlowski was facing a recommended minimum sentencing of 19 months in prison after purposely poisoning his wife, and accidentally poisoning his daughter.

Chilling video from a hidden camera captures the moment Brian put eight sleeping pills in his wife's pot of coffee, swishing it around to make sure they were mixed in. The poisoning occurred while he and his wife were in the midst of a divorce in 2018. His wife set up the camera after she became suspicious-- every time he made coffee, she became uncontrollably sleepy. One day her daughter drank the coffee as well; she barely made it to work and when she finally did she immediately fell asleep at her desk for two hours.

Brian ended up being sentenced to five years probation and 60 weekend days in jail, far less than Michigan's recommended minimum.



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