Pair of Grandmas Go Skydiving Together

A pair of Ohio grandmothers got to fulfill a longtime wish, thanks to the non-profit Jump! Beverly Mylek and Brenda Sutton, both 78, flung themselves out of an airplane, and the whole experience was videotaped for everyone's enjoyment! It was their very first skydive. "Our phones are blowing up. We're hearing from people we haven't heard from in years and you know they're so proud of us, I don't know why," Mylek told reporters from I know why, ladies! It can be so difficult for people to try new experiences, and the older we get the harder it gets to try new and scary things. You two are inspirational, and so fun!

The organization, Jump!, helps seniors check that special item off of their bucket lists.'s Stephanie Officer explains how a former television producer shifted his focus to helping others and made the leap into charity.



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