This Car Was Completely Taken Over By a Colony of Wasps

This is like nothing I have ever seen before... Except in horror movies, or my nightmares!

A car was completely taken over by a colony of dangerous wasps. Literally thousands upon thousands swarmed the car and created a massive hive you have to see to believe!

While this would scare the heck out of almost everyone on Earth, it was just another day at the office for Jude Verret. Verret is a Louisiana bee wrangler who recently faced this car full of teeming, angry wasps. In video posted to his Facebook page, Verret shows a four-door sedan parked in someone's yard, and the interior is completely taken over by a yellow jackets' nest. Verret runs a business called Stinger Creations, which does insect removal and beekeeping. Thanks to heavy suits and helmets, neither Verret nor a fellow beekeeper were stung. Just another day at the hive!



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