Michigan Teen Runs Her Own Candy Empire, Worth Over $2 Million!

This Michigan teen is GOING PLACES! Remember her name, because I have a feeling this young entrepreneur will one day be running the world!

Alina Morse is just 14-years-old, but she is the CEO of her own sweets empire, Zolli Candy. Zolli Candy makes treats that are actually good for your teeth. Zolli Candy, headquartered in Commerce Township, Michigan, is sold in 25,000 retailers and is one of 2019’s fastest-growing private companies, earning an estimated $2.2 million in profits last year. Get a look inside Alina's life in the summer, starting with breakfast, then pom practice and a sales meeting. Definitely not your average day for a 14-year-old on summer vacation, but this girl is anything but average!



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