Toddler Who Lost Everything in Wildfire Gets Gifted All New Toys

They say play is the work of childhood, and this little toddler has been missing out on some serious work hours!

Jared Tavasolian and his 3-year-old son, Jaiden, lost everything they owned in the devastating Woolsey Fire in California. "One day life is normal," Jared said in an interview, "and then you come back and literally everything I own is gone."

The family needed a boost, and Jaiden desperately needed some new toys. Lucky for them, their story made it's way to Brett Tutor, host of Little Tikes' "Project Play Big!" series. Tutor and his crew brought a host of new toys for Jaiden and his dad. "It's been a really big part of our healing process, to be able to play," Jared said.



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