They Survived a Plane Crash Into the Ocean and Recorded Every Second Of It

Imagine surviving a plane crash with a smile on your face! If it sounds impossible, just check this out.

Pilot David Lesh and his passenger, Kayla, crash landed into the Pacific Ocean after Lesh's single-engine Beechcraft Bonanza lost power about 9 miles off the coast of San Francisco. Despite crashing into the ocean, neither David or Kayla were injured! As the plane sunk farther into the sea, the survivors gathered anything that would float and shot video of their entire ordeal Surviving the crash was such good fortune, the brave duo were all smiles as they tread water for 40 minutes before being rescued.

David's friend and fellow pilot was flying above David and Kayla at the time of the crash and he was able to send out mayday calls to the Coast Guard.

David lost his plane, but he's just happy to have survived without injury!



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