Was It Self-Defense? "Stand Your Ground" Trial Taking Place in Florida

I can't believe someone is dead, and another man on trial potentially facing life behind bars, all over a parking spot.

Four children will grow up without their father... All because of a parking spot.

The controversial murder trial began this week in Florida, and people all around the country are following along.

Michael Drejka, 49, invoked the state's controversial "Stand Your Ground" law when he told authorities he fatally shot a man who had pushed him to the ground during a dispute.

Markeis McGlockton, 29, was at a gas station. He had gone inside with his 5-year-old son to pick up food and drinks, according to sheriff's deputies. McGlockton's girlfriend parked their car in a handicapped parking spot, without having the proper tags. When Michael Drejka pulled into the same parking lot and saw the car parked illegally, it enraged him. He approached the car and started an argument with the woman.

Shortly after, McGlockton returned to his car and saw Drejka arguing with his girlfriend. He immediately intervened, pushing Drejka away from his family and to the ground. Drejka says at that moment he feared for his life, so he pulled out his gun and shot McGlockton in the chest. The single shot killed McGlockton- he died at the scene, in front of his 5-year-old son.



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