Trader Joe's Employees Stop Toddler Tantrum With Dance Party!

Parents all over will LOVE this! Every parent knows that feeling of trying to stop a toddler tantrum in public. They always seem to happen at the WORST moment, don't they? When you're stuck on an airplane, or like this mom, waiting at the checkout line with a cart full of groceries... That's always when a meltdown strikes!

Julian Sol Collet is usually a happy little guy, but like all toddlers, he has his moments, and one of them happened to be at a Trader Joe's in Winter Park, Florida. The drama started when Julian's big sister, Jade, got to push her own big girl cart around the store. At first, Julian was content to stay buckled in with mom and snack. But when he got to the checkout line, he was done watching Jade live the big girl cart dream, and threw a tantrum. That's when the staff came to his mom's rescue and threw an impromptu dance party to cheer the little guy up! Their hilarious moves did the trick, and Julian was once again happy as a clam!

It can be rough out there for parents, and this shows that compassion and understanding for small children can go a LONG way!



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