Why You Shouldn't Put Your Tomatoes in the Fridge and Other Food Tips

I have to be honest... After watching this, I'm still not fully convinced! I like my tomatoes cold, so I think I'll be keeping them in the fridge!

But here are some other great tips (specifically the tips about milk and meat!) about where foods should be stored around your fridge and why it matters so much. You could be doing more harm than good by putting certain foods in the refrigerator, or by storing them in the wrong spot!

Lifestyle expert Barbara Majeski has all the tips and tricks you're missing. A lot of people (myself included!) think that putting tomatoes in the fridge can keep them fresh for longer, but according to Majeski the opposite is true. Tomatoes will last longer at room temperature and will taste better, said Majeski. Other fruits to leave out include lemons and limes. Check out all her tips:



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