Governor Steps In to Help Mom Keep Funny License Plates

One mom’s license plate has gotten her attention she wasn’t expecting, and a helping hand from her Governor!

Wendy Auger got her cheeky vanity plate 15 years ago. It reads “PB4WEGO,” or “pee before we go,” which she says is her message for her children. “That's what I tell my kids when we're about to leave to go anywhere,” Auger said. I think all parents can relate, and get a good chuckle out of her plates!

But someone at the DMV was not amused. Auger recently received a letter from the state of New Hampshire telling her plates were being recalled for promoting "excretory acts."

Auger fought back, trying to get the DMV to see the humor in the plates. It seemed like the fight was a lost cause, until her fight made it's way all the way up to the Governor's desk! She recently got a voicemail from New Hampshire Governor Chris Sununu who said "common sense prevailed" and she could keep the plates!

I think every branch of the government could use a little more common sense these days, don't you?!



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