Woman Gives Birth Alone in Jail Cell As Guards Watch on Security Cameras

Diana Sanchez was eight months pregnant with her son when she was arrested for identity theft. Two weeks after her arrest, as she sat in her jail cell in Colorado, Sanchez went into labor. She spoke with guards and nurses on staff, explaining the regularity of her contractions. She informed them when her water broke, and still no one came to her aid. She labored completely alone, in her jail cell, while guards watched her on security cameras. For six hours she cried out for help before eventually delivering her son all on her own on her cell bed. Finally, after her son entered the world, a nurse came into her cell to check on her.

Her lawyer has released the security footage that has people calling for criminal charges to be filed against the guards and nurses who ignored Sanchez and her baby. The lack of humanity and compassion is truly astounding.



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