This Man Jet Skis to Work Every Morning

Instead of sitting in traffic or taking the train every day, just imagine zipping to work by way of the lake! I would gladly trade in my commute for a fun one like this guy did!

Every weekday, 34-year-old David Pike jumps on his jet ski and heads into work, traveling from Jersey City, New Jersey, across the Hudson River to Brooklyn, New York, where he runs his own business. He says it’s the quickest way for him to commute to work. "I used to spend 90 minutes sitting on a bus, on the PATH [train], on the subway, then another bus and finally walking 10 minutes to get to work," he told reporters in a recent interview. "I bought a used jet ski and now it takes me 15 minutes."

When asked about his plans for the winter, he said he has a wet suit and he'll play it by ear. Personally, I can't imagine he'll make it past October, but good luck to him! I would rather be really, really cold for 15 minutes than deal with a 90-minute commute any day of the week!



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