Tow Truck Flips Car With Man Trapped Inside

I have a LOT of questions after seeing this police officer's body cam footage... The first one: has this tow truck operator been fired yet, and if not WHEN will he be?!

Cameron Jenkins is lucky to be alive after this harrowing incident following a fender bender. Jenkins, 23, was involved in a fender bender on a busy highway in Cleveland, Ohio. After the crash, he was in his car and talking to a police officer when a tow truck driver arrived on the scene and began hitching his car to the tow truck. That's when the unthinkable happened: Jenkins' car was pulled up in the air, then flipped upside down and into oncoming traffic, all while he was still inside!

"Anybody would feel lucky to be alive after a situation like that,” he told Inside Edition. “I expect I was supposed to step out of the vehicle, but I wasn’t told to nor was I aware that a tow truck driver was hooking my vehicle up."

He's extremely lucky to be alive, and the police officer's body cam footage of the incident is difficult to watch...



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