Scientists Weigh In on the Loch Ness Monster With New Research

Does the Loch Ness Monster really exist? Is there any truth behind the famed legend? Scientists were pretty blunt in a recent interview: no. However, if you want to believe in Nessie, there's still a bit of hope!

The team of researchers rfom New Zealand have catalogued every living species in the loch by extracting DNA from water samples. They analyzed the data, and released their verdict ruling out the existence of any potential "monsters." The team found no evidence of a prehistoric marine reptile called a plesiosaur, or even that of any large fish such as a sturgeon.

Geneticist Neil Gemmell told reporters, "There is absolutely no evidence of any reptilian sequences in our samples." In other words, "I think we can be pretty sure that there is probably not a giant scaly reptile swimming around in Loch Ness."

However, if you want to still believe in Nessie here's your glimmer of hope: Gemmell's team did find a lot of eel DNA in the lake. Could Nessie be a giant eel? "Maybe," said Gemmell.



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