Camera Captured Hiker's Terrifying Fall From Cliff

I swear, this woman must have a guardian angel watching over her. There's no reason she should have survived this fall...

Heather Friesen is a 26-year-old volleyball player and outdoors enthusiast. She was hiking Ka'au Crater Trail in Hawaii with friends in 2016 when the unthinkable happened. Heather lost her footing on the edge of the cliff, and she suddenly plunged down 50 feet! She landed in the fast-flowing water below. Heather suffered 10 broken ribs, a fractured shoulder blade, and a collapsed lung!

Moments before her fall, Heather turned on her GoPro camera. The camera was rolling when she slipped, and the entire ordeal was recorded on video. You can almost feel her pain as she falls. She is truly lucky to be alive!



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