Chicago Man Lost 300 Pounds While Making Money!

This Chicago man's story is truly inspiring, in more ways than one!

Antonio Martinez was working a desk job, and like many of us he felt his job and his lifestyle weren't physically challenging enough. He had grown to a size he wasn't comfortable with, and he often felt out of breath and generally unhealthy. When he and his wife began trying to have children, he knew it was time for a major life change!

He decided to lose weight by being more active. Simple enough, right? Well, here's the truly genius part of his plan: he found a way to get active while getting paid for it! Antonio started working part time for Instacart! Weighing in at more than 500 pounds, strolling down the aisles and constantly climbing stairs to make deliveries kick-started his new healthy lifestyle! He also had the opportunity to see what other people were eating, and to he was introduced to new foods for healthier eating!

His before-and-after pictures will knock your socks off! And he's got some great tips for anyone who wants to make a lifestyle change (and not just about healthy diet and exercise)!



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