This 46-Year-Old Had No Idea She Was Pregnant

46-year-old Monica Thompson was at work on a normal day when she began feeling ill. She had terrible stomach cramps, and decided to head over to a nearby urgent care clinic, and be checked by a doctor. During the exam, the doctor asked if she could be pregnant. She said "NO WAY!" Monica thought she was actually beginning menopause! She had also recently been on a healthy lifestyle kick, and had lost over 20 pounds through good diet and exercise. With no baby bump whatsoever, she thought there was no chance she was pregnant.

Well,... Turns out she was! And she was more than seven months along!

Her baby is truly a great blessing. Monica had tried to conceive a child for 16 years with her husband, who died in 2016, before eventually giving up all hope. Now, happily engaged, she and her fiance are thrilled to have a beautiful, healthy baby boy!



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