High School Chemistry Class Experiment Nearly Kills 16-Year-Old in Fireball

A student who was burned during a high school chemistry experiment says he looked like something out of "a horror movie." Alonzo Yanes was in chemistry class back in January of 2014. His teacher was conducting a popular classroom experiment that day for Yanes' class called the "rainbow experiment." The goal of the experiment is to demonstrate how igniting different types of salt will produce different colored flames. Yanes was seated just a couple feet from where the teacher was conducting the experiment when suddenly things went tragically wrong. "I remember feeling this immense heat completely come forward and wrap around my entire body,” he told Inside Edition. The botched experiment produced a massive fireball that engulfed Yanes, burning more than 50% of his body, including his face. He spent five long months in the hospital and had to undergo painful surgeries and procedures. A jury recently awarded him nearly $60 million in his lawsuit against the school district, who failed to meet even the minimum requirements for safety equipment in a school laboratory.



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