Teen Opens Up About Vaping Addiction After Grand Mal Seizure

Luka Kinard was a healthy, happy kid. When he entered his freshman year of high school, he was a straight-A student who loved sports, scouting, and the outdoors. One Friday night the North Carolina teen attended a school football game where he says he first tried vaping in an effort to fit in with his fellow students.

Before long, he was spending over $100 a week, selling his clothes and toys to pay for his vaping habit. According to his mother, Kelly Kinard, his behavior changed drastically. "He went from being a nice, kind, outgoing, fun loving kid to serious outbursts and explosions."

That's when things went from bad to worse. Luka experienced a grand mal seizure. He was lucky to survive, and afterwords he found himself in a rehab facility.



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